Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Seth! (oh, and Happy Father's Day to Daddy too!)

Seth's birthday fell on Father's Day this year! I have tons of birthday pictures to share, so I think I'll start with the Father's Day pictures. My kids have no idea how blessed they are to have Shane for their Daddy. He loves being a Daddy so much.


The kids made him this giant card and each drew a "Daddy and Me" picture on the front for him. Luke's is on the left and Daddy looks a little like Jabba the Hut, and then Luke is above him sliding down a slide. Kallie's picture is in the middle. She and Daddy have on crowns and their castle is above them. And then Seth's is on the right and is just a perfect little picture of how they really look. It's so funny because each picture is a perfect representation of their individual personalities. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.)


Seth turned 8 this year! It is hard to believe that 8 years ago I was holding a sweet baby boy in my arms and trying to figure this whole mom-thing out! He has been such a joy.

He wanted a mountain bike for his birthday (you know, one with gears and fancy tires, etc.) But they are not cheap. Shane got one last year and wanted Seth to have one so that they could go riding together. It was a lot more than we would normally spend on a birthday, so Shane saved his money that the church had given him for Pastor Appreciation Sunday and bought Seth a bike. Isn't he a sweet Daddy?


Seth decided he wanted a "bike-riding party" for his birthday this year. (Isn't that cute??) So we invited a bunch of friends to the park for bike riding, water balloons & a picnic.



Of course Shane was right in the middle of the fun...


This next picture makes me laugh! I love how the little boys are looking at Seth and his friends like "they are soooo cool!"



I really don't know that there are words to describe how hot it was that day. You'd have to live in Texas to really understand. The boys were so sweaty, dirty and gross! And they loved every second of it!! Kallie, on the other hand, was not enjoying the yuckiness of it all and wimped out on us pretty fast. Here she is sitting with my friend Amanda and pouting because the boys threw water balloons at her...


The little boys were just as gross (probably grosser actually!) and little Wesley was even crawling all over the dirt and gravel...


All in all, it really was the perfect boy party. Next time though, maybe the girls should just stay home and let Daddy take care of it!!

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