Saturday, February 13, 2010

A barking fish??

I mentioned before that I had the opportunity to direct our kids choir at church for a special Christmas Eve presentation they did in our service that night. I think I also mentioned that they stole my heart. I knew I was hooked.

On Wednesday, I announced to them that we would be doing a summer musical (eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!) called Under God's Sea in 3D. I introduced the first song this week, Joyful Noise, which talks all about how the creatures of the sea praise the Lord.

I'm a firm believer in understanding what you're singing about, and it seemed pretty logical to me that elementary school kids probably couldn't explain how a seahorse could possibly praise the Lord. And honestly, I'm not sure that I had ever really thought about it before Wednesday.

So I started reading in the Psalms, and came across Psalm 69:34, where it says "Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them." Bingo!

But still I knew they would wonder HOW. So I asked them if they'd ever seen a fish jump out of the water and start barking and running around. They laughed. :) God made fish to swim and He made dogs to bark. And when God's creation does what He created it to do, He is praised.

God created us to love Him. To know Him. To serve and obey Him. And when we do what He created us to do, He is praised.

What a simple yet profound lesson for these sweet kids (and us!) to learn. I always knew creation glorified God simply because He created it, but to think that with every wiggle of its tail a fish praises the Lord is such an amazing thing.

I want my life to be that way. With every word, every movement, every thought ... praising my Creator by being who He created me to be.

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Diane Taylor said...

Ooohhh...that's good stuff! Wonderful insight. And oh, oh, so true!